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Good News! You can now Partner & Become A Reseller With Nigeria's Biggest Social Media Growth Service Provider

This is a service for our clients who want to become Resellers. The aim of this package is to earn you more money with less stress.

Here's What You Will Get As A Reseller With Sizzle Nigeria

The package will provide you with the following:

✅ A Full Featured Social Media Growth Website OF YOUR OWN. Your website will be connected to our website and will be able to automatically process orders just like ours.

✅ Unlimited Orders Will Be Possible On Your Website (With Your Wallet Fund)

✅ Online Payment Integration (Flutterwave, Paystack, KoraPay, YepPay, Seerbit, Coinbase, Virtual Account and much more)

✅ Resell our services at your preferred rates.

Free ₦1,000 Sizzle Credits To Kickstart Your Business. (You’ll get ₦1,000 Free added to your Sizzle Wallet)

✅ Full Access To Our Reseller Course Academy where you learn how to manage & grow your website from Zero to Success.

Our Reseller Packages

Basic Package

₦5,000 per Month or ₦50,000 per Year

₦8,000 per Month or ₦80,000 per Year

Standard Package

₦10,000 per Month or ₦100,000 per Year

₦15,000 per Month or ₦150,000 per Year

Premium Package

Coming Soon...

Full Software/Script Access Package

₦200,000 One Time Fee [No monthly payments]

₦350,000 One Time Fee [No monthly payments]

The Reseller Setup Procedure:

After Payment Is Made, we begin with the Website Setup & Reseller activation.

1. We will setup your preferred domain name (Which you will provide to us), then set up your website.

2. After domain setup, your website will be Online. You will also get access to your personal admin area and full access to the Reseller Tutorial Portal where you can instantly learn how to manage and set up your new website for success.  

3. Your website is active and ready for business & you can start promoting it to your audience and making money online. 

Here's How Much You Can Make As A Reseller On Sizzle Nigeria

This is the earning dashboard of one of our resellers. Each row is the daily earning

Even if your sales is so poor (which is not even possible if you are serious about your business) and you rake in a minimum of 5k per day, that is #150,000 Naira at the end of the month.


Frequently Asked Questions

No. We do not currently charge commissions. You are already paying a monthly /yearly subscription to be a reseller. That already covers the cost to keep your Reseller Website online. All your earnings are fully yours.

It's simple. Once you become a Reseller, we set up a website for you that works just like Sizzle and is connected to Sizzle. So you are simply reselling our services at your own rates.

Now inside that website we have set up for you, you have several payment methods already integrated. These include Payment Gateways such as Flutterwave, Paystack, KoraPay and more.

You need to have an account with any of these payment providers/gateways so you can receive payments. Once you have an account with them, all you need to do is copy your API Keys from your payment provider and add them to your website.

Now when your customers pay, the money they pay will always enter your Flutterwave, Paystack, Korpay account, etc.

While some advanced coding knowledge is required to set up a website like Sizzle, you CAN still own a website like Sizzle without coding knowledge.

After joining our Reseller Program, our team will help you set up your own Social Media Growth Website with your preferred domain name.

With Basic Package, you are bound to use a Free Subdomain from us. E.g:

With Standard Package, you can use any domain of your choice [You have to purchase this and link to our nameservers which we will provide to you after subscribing to a reseller package]

Afterwards, you can customize your website and configure other settings with a simple & beginner friendly admin area that is attached to your website.

If you want to hire a website developer to build you something like Sizzle, you will spend millions. But we are giving you a working website at a very affordable rate. It's a steal!

It's literally LIMITLESS. Many of our Resellers are earning millions every single month. Some earn hundreds of thousands every month. Remember that your sales are determined by your own marketing efforts. Good marketing = Good sales. Own an SMM Website of your own FOREVER without any restrictions.

Simply make a payment into our account:
- VFD Microfinance Bank
- 1026606053
- The Sizzle Media

[ After payment, please contact our Reseller Support on WhatsApp OR CLICK HERE: +2349066890689 ]

24 - 48 Hours. Sometimes, it can take less than that.

DEFINITELY! We have over 13 tutorial videos that have been carefully curated and beginner friendly. From setting up your Cpanel server to managing your website, we have already got you covered.