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Order Issue

What You Need To Know About Stuck/Undelivered Orders on Sizzle.

Is Your Order On Sizzle Nigeria Stuck/Undelivered? Please Read This.

You have created an Order on Sizzle and you expect to see results on your page/post but 1, 2, 3 days later, no results. And your order has not been cancelled or refunded. We understand how frustrating this can be which is why this page is dedicated to informing you about what you need to know about stuck & uncompleted orders on Sizzle and our process to resolving Order Issues on Sizzle.

– Firstly, understand that Sizzle Nigeria is a fully automated platform. For us to deliver social media engagement or followers to your page, we rely on several servers around the world. At any point in time, some of these servers could be down or overloaded and if it happens that your order was placed on that particular server, your order may get stuck & not deliver.

Social Media Algorithm updates also affect Order Deliverability. This is because all the servers would now have to adjust to the new algorithm update so that we can continue to offer you social media growth services.

We categorize Servers on Sizzle in a format like the one below and you also see them whenever you want to place a order.

  • 👥 INSTAGRAM Followers [A] [🌎 Foreign] [Cheap] – (₦500 for 1000 Followers)
  • 👥 INSTAGRAM Followers [B] [🌎 Foreign] [Cheap] – (₦1,000 for 1000 Followers)
  • 👥 INSTAGRAM Followers [C] [🌎 Foreign] [Cheap] – (₦1,500 for 1000 Followers)

[A] simply means Server A

[B] simply means Server B

[C] simply means Server C

– All stuck orders are subject to an Issue Review and a final resolution is taken on such order within 14 days. Within 14 days, your order may eventually be delivered and if not, it is cancelled and funds sent back to your Sizzle Wallet. If the order was partially delivered, the funds for the remaining undelivered quantity are refunded and sent back to your Sizzle Wallet as well.

– ⁠If you have an order stuck on a certain server, we advise you try placing another order but on a different server but with a smaller quantity. For instance, if you placed an order for 1000 Followers on “Instagram Followers [A]” and it got stuck/has not delivered after 72 hours, try placing another order for 50 or 100 Followers on a better server with a higher price, say “Instagram Followers [B]”. Using smaller numbers first will let you know if that service will work for you before going for larger quantities.

– ⁠Note that the Cheapest services or services under the Category “Cheap” can easily get stuck which is why we advise our Users to go for our higher priced services such as services under the category “Normal Quality” or “Best Quality”

We want to offer social media growth services to our users at the cheapest prices but it comes at a disadvantage sometimes because the cheap servers can get overloaded with orders and eventually go down.

– ⁠If your order is stuck/undelivered because you submitted a wrong link, a private page/post, or a link that doesn’t follow our order guidelines, there are no issue reviews or refund guarantees for such orders. Please take note of this and ensure your links are correct and public.

– ⁠As we have always done, we will continue to work harder to provide affordable, reliable and quality Social Media Growth Services to you.

Best Regards.
Team Sizzle.