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Facebook Account Login Instructions

How To Log Into Facebook Accounts Purchased On Sizzle Nigeria []

How To Log Into Facebook Accounts Bought On Sizzle Nigeria

Facebook Account Login Instructions


1. Always login with link [] to avoid Checkpoint issues. Then switch to normal [] After logging in. DO NOT CHANGE ANY ACCOUNT INFORMATION UNTIL AFTER 24 HOURS. And DON’T LOG OUT AS WELL UNTIL AFTER 24 HOURS.

– PLEASE DO NOT USE A VPN to Log Into Our Accounts

– Don’t use more than 5 accounts on one Device/IP at the same time.

2. Please limit changing delicate or secure account information to avoid account being locked due to suspicious activities, all information on our accounts are absolutely confidential.

3. FOR ADVERTISERS, Don’t use the account to create Business Manager, Don’t change the email, add phone number, code 2fa. If you want to use Business Manager then you can buy and then link to your profile.

4. If you can’t login because of wrong password, please contact Admin for support. Absolutely DO NOT TRY to reset the password.

5. For Accounts to be in the best working state, After successful login please wait 1 – 3 hours before you start using the account to post or chat. In the meantime do not change the information and do not link any during this period.

6. We can’t support login errors like ID verification, Approve login from device. There is no other way. So use your account carefully.

7. If you have used your Phone or PC or Internet to log into several accounts and the accounts keep getting suspended because you are Blacklisted, we take NO RESPONSIBILITY.

8. What you do with Accounts purchased from us is 100% your responsibility. We do not condone the usage of our accounts for bullying, spam and fraudulent activities. We are not liable for any damages that may arise from misuse of accounts purchased from us.


When you buy an account from us, the account details provided to you/downloaded can come in the format below:

FORMAT: Profile ID || Password || Email Address || Email Password || 2FA Token |||>>> 100094856117211 || Cv9URBmI || || aPV08jfU28 || MUJSRNK4KGXAHMRZMQ5NS7P33CZWOJDD |||—>>> PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO READ LOGIN INSTRUCTIONS HERE:

Following the FORMAT above, let’s break it down.

-> Profile ID/Username is 100094856117211 [You will PASTE THIS in the Username/Phone/Email Field on Facebook]

-> Password is Cv9URBmI

-> Email Address is [This means you need to visit “” to log into the email address in case Facebook sends a CODE. If the email address is, then you should visit “”. And so on.

-> Email Password is aPV08jfU28

-> 2FA Token is MUJSRNK4KGXAHMRZMQ5NS7P33CZWOJDD [If Facebook asks for a 2FA Code sent to your Phone or Authentication App, you will use this token to generate the code by visiting []. The FULL TUTORIAL FOR THIS IS AT THE END OF THIS PAGE.

If other information/credentials came with the account, simply follow the format stated in the TEXT file and you are good to go!


Step 1: Visit [] from your browser. IMPORTANT: It MUST be [] and NOT []

Step 2: In the Email/Phone Number Field, paste the PROFILE ID, USERNAME, EMAIL or PHONE provided above

Step 3: In the Password Field, paste the PROFILE PASSWORD above

Step 4: After Logging In, if you are asked for a 2FA Code. Here is how to get the 2FA Code used to secure the account. If you are not
asked for a 2FA Code and you get direct access or the code was sent to Email instead, kindly ignore the steps below.


Step 5: Visit this website: []. Then paste the “2FA Token” code above into the first box on the website, then click “Submit”

Step 6: The 2FA Code to Log In Will be Displayed in the second box. Just check for the last 6 digits. It can be something like this:


What this simply means is that the 2FA code is “688396“. Quickly use the code to log in before it expires. And if it does expire, you can always generate another 2FA Code by repeating Step 5 & 6 Above

Once you follow this, you should get instant access to the account.

The image BELOW describes this process. It’s easy.

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